What can I mix with Multani Mitti for acne?

Step 1 – Mix 1 tbsp of multani mitti, 1 tsp each of turmeric powder, 1 tsp of sandalwood powder (chandan), and 2 tbsps of fresh tomato juice. Step 2 – Apply the paste on your face and specially over the acne nd pimples. Step 3 – Leave it on for 15 – 20 minutes before washing it off with cool water.

Does Multani Mitti remove pimples?

Multani mitti is able to remove excess oil, dirt, sebum, sweat and impurities from the skin, which means that it is helpful in cleaning pores from the inside, which further aids in preventing acne and pimples. For those with super oily skin, the clay is able to absorb excess oil and draw out blackheads.

What can be used with Multani Mitti?

To use Multani Mitti for treating pigmentation, combine with one spoon with Multani Mitti with the following ingredients.

  • 2 spoons of papaya fruit pulp.
  • 1 spoon oatmeal powder.
  • 1/4th spoon turmeric powder.
  • 1/4th spoon sandalwood powder.
  • Rose water.
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Which Multani Mitti is best for acne scars?

MR Ayurveda 100% Natural Multani Mitti Powder for Acne Scars (100 g)

Brand MR Ayurveda
Pack Of 1
Type Powder
Paraben Free Yes
Country of Origin India

Can we mix aloe vera gel with Multani Mitti?

– Combine multani mitti and aloe vera gel in the ratio of 1:2. Apply the paste onto cleansed skin and rinse after 20-30 minutes. Do this once or twice a week.

Can we mix Multani Mitti with curd?

Curd And Multani Mitti Pack

Take a bowl of curd and add multani mitti to it. Mix the ingredients well until you get a fluffy paste. Apply the paste on your face and neck and let it dry for 15-20 minutes. Rinse it off and pat dry.

Can we mix turmeric with multani mitti?

#5 Haldi and fuller’s earth (Multani mitti) face pack

Multani mitti adds natural oils to your skin, nourishing it from within and making it glow naturally. You will need: 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder. … 1 teaspoon of multani mitti.

What can I mix with multani mitti for glowing skin?

For glowing skin

  • Mix two teaspoons of multani mitti with one teaspoon of yoghurt and a pinch of turmeric. …
  • Mix everything in a bowl and make sure there are no lumps in the mixture.
  • Apply it evenly on your face and let it dry for 20 minutes.
  • Wash it all off with warm water and complete with a moisturizer.

Can we mix multani mitti with milk?

Mix one tbsp. of Multani mitti with 1/4 cup milk or rose water. Apply to a clean, dry face. Leave on for 10 minutes.

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How use Multani Mitti and sandalwood powder?

Mix one tablespoon of sandalwood powder and one tablespoon of fuller’s earth (multani mitti) with rose water. The amount of rose water should be sufficient to ensure that the paste is neither too thick nor too thin. Now, apply this paste on your face, and wait for around 20-30 minutes and wash it off with normal water.

Can I use Multani Mitti everyday on combination skin?

Yes, a Multani mitti pack can be applied every other day, if the skin is oily. You need not use lemon juice; mix using rose water. Since you have oily skin, use a scrub twice or thrice a week, after cleansing in the morning using face wash or soap.

What are the disadvantages of Multani Mitti?

Some dangerous disadvantages of Multani Mitti are that its consumption can lead to poisoning and intestinal bleeding. It can also result in muscle weakness and skin sores. Multani Mitti can also lead to breathing problems caused by choking of your tract.

Does Multani Mitti whitens skin?

Multani mitti is also aids in improving skin tone. It has mild bleaching effect which helps in reducing blemishes and dark spots.

Which Multani Mitti face pack is best?

5 Deep-cleansing ‘multani Mitti’ Face Packs For All Skin Types

  • Oily and acne-prone skin—multani mitti + sandalwood + turmeric.
  • Dry skin—multani mitti + yogurt.
  • Combination skin—multani mitti + honey + lemon.
  • Sensitive skin—multani mitti + milk + aloe vera.
  • Normal skin—multani mitti + papaya +rose water.