Quick Answer: What is the value of one mole of pennies in dollars?

Moles – UNIT 8!! 1 mol of pennies distributed around the Earth would give everyone 1 million trillion dollars.

How much is a mole of a penny?

If you had a mole of pennies, you would have 6.02 × 1023 pennies. That is a lot of pennies. If a single mole of pennies were divided among all the living people in the world, each person could spend a million dollars per hour for the rest of his or her life.

How much is a mole of dollars?

A mole of dollars would be 602214076000000000000000 dollars.

How many pennies are in one mole?

A mole of pennies is 6.022×1023 6.022 x 10 23 pennies.

What is the mass of one mole of pennies?

Answer and Explanation: 1 mole of penny means 6.022∗1023 6.022 ∗ 10 23 pennies. So, mass of one mole penny = {eq}6.022*10^{23}*2.5 g =…

How many pennies is a mole of copper?

Since a penny is composed of 97.50% zinc and 2.50% copper, it therefore contains 2.4375 grams of zinc and 0.0625 grams of copper. At a molar mass of 65.380 grams per mole for zinc and 63.546 grams per mole for copper, a penny therefore contains 0.037282 moles of zinc and 0.00098354 moles of copper.

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How much money is Avogadro’s number of pennies?

An Avogadro’s number of pennies is worth $ 6.022×1021.

Is a mole big?

Because the mole contains so many units, they’re most often used in chemistry is a way of measuring really really small things like atoms or molecules. … So a mole of water is 6.02 x 1023 molecules of water, which works out to be about 18 grams, or 18 mL. A mole of aluminum is about 26 grams.

How many molecules are in a dollar?

Conversation Table (with latest exchange rate)

MOL [Molecule] USD [US Dollar]
1 Molecule = 0.000982 US Dollar
2 Molecule = 0.001964 US Dollar
3 Molecule = 0.002946 US Dollar
5 Molecule = 0.004911 US Dollar

How far would a mole of pennies reach?

That means, that if you stack a total of 6.02⋅1023 pennies, its height would be a total of 6.02⋅1023mm . It would extend approximately 6.02⋅1017km above the Earth’s surface.

How much is a mole of Dimes?

Explanation: For starters, you should know that in order to have 1 mole of dime coins, you need to have 6.022⋅1023 dime coins.

How large is Avogadro’s number?

Avogadro’s number, number of units in one mole of any substance (defined as its molecular weight in grams), equal to 6.02214076 × 1023. The units may be electrons, atoms, ions, or molecules, depending on the nature of the substance and the character of the reaction (if any). See alsoAvogadro’s law.

How long would it take you to spend a mole of dollars if you spent 1 billion dollars per second?

– If you had Avogadro’s number of dollars and spent one billion dollars per second, it would take more than 19 million years to spend it all.

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What is the mass of 1 mole of pennies chegg?

What is the mass of 1 mole of pennies? 24 1.50 X 10 g Round your answer to 3 significant digits.

What is the mass of 1 mole of iron atoms?

Thus, since the atomic mass of iron is 55.847 amu, one mole of iron atoms would weigh 55.847 grams.

What is the mass of 1 mole of copper atoms?

The relation between molecular (formula) mass and molar mass Page 4 4 • To obtain one mole of copper atoms (6.02 x 1023 atoms), weigh out 63.55 g copper. The molar mass (M) of a substance is the mass of one mole of entities (atoms, molecules, or formula units) of the substance.