Can I use Garnier cream as moisturizer?

Use a Garnier day cream to not only moisturize your skin but also brighten and repair it. The Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Serum Cream helps reverse sun damage and fades dark spots, pimple spots, and UV spots in just one week.

Can you use face cream instead of moisturizer?

Due to being a more powerful moisturizer, you can use a cream once a day instead of twice a day like you would a lotion. As a matter of fact, it’s recommended to use a cream during the colder months if you have very dry skin. Like a moisturizing lotion, it is still easy to spread over large areas and feels lightweight.

Is Garnier a moisturizer?

Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter Brightening & Smoothing Daily Moisturizer SPF 15.

Can we apply Garnier cream after moisturizer?

Always use them before applying any kind of cream or moisturizer, and after cleansing and toning your face. You can even skip the moisturizer if you feel the need to do so. The Arata Hydrating Face-Serum Cream works excellently as a combination product, offering the benefits of both a hydrating face serum and a cream.

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Can I use Garnier cream for daily?

Now you can attain that soft and supple skin with this Moisturizing Cream from Garnier. Take an adequate amount of this cream onto your palm. Gently apply evenly on your skin. Can be used during the day.

Which comes first moisturizer or cream?

Start with your most watery products, such as toners, serums and essences. Heavier, more moisturizing ones—like lotions, creams and then oils—come next, followed by sunscreen. … Let them absorb into your skin, and then apply oil-based products on top.

Can I use moisturizer before cream?

As a general rule, face nourishers like serums, moisturisers and oils should be applied starting with the lightest formulas. Serums are thin and full of active ingredients you want to drive deep into your pores, so start with them before you move on to fuller-bodied creams.

How do you use Garnier moisturizer?

It’s important to apply moisturizer ASAP after cleansing your face – we’re talking about within a minute to get optimal results. Once you dry off your skin after cleansing, it starts to dehydrate if there’s no protective layer of moisturizer to lock hydration in place.

Can I use Garnier cream at night?

Garnier Light Complete Night Cream nourishes your skin while you sleep. … How to use – Every night before you sleep, spread evenly on perfectly cleansed face and neck. Avoid delicate eye area. For best results, use with Garnier Light Complete Facewash and Garnier Light Complete Serum Cream.

Is Garnier moisturizer good for acne prone skin?

We like Garnier SkinActive Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel Cream for Normal to Combination Skin, which is formulated especially for your skin type. The non-comedogenic moisturizer formula means it’s created to avoid blocking pores, so it’s safe even for acne-prone skin types.

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What is the difference between face cream and moisturizer?

The difference between a moisturizer and a cream is that the moisturizer is a particular kind of matter that is used for restoring moistness into the skin or surface whereas cream is made from oil and used as a lubricant to avoid friction.

Can I use Garnier serum daily?

When should I use a face serum? Most face serums are safe to be applied twice daily – once in the morning on a cleansed face, before the rest of your makeup, and once at night before bed.

Which Garnier is best for dry skin?

We recommend Garnier Moisture Bomb Super Hydrating Sheet Mask – Hydrating to help provide moisture and hydration to dry skin. Or you can opt for Garnier Moisture Bomb Super Hydrating Sheet Mask – Soothing which can help nourish skin with moisture and calm skin with its calming formula.

Is Garnier good for oily skin?

Garnier has developed many skin care products for oily skin. Formulated with ingredients such as white clay and zinc that matify the skin or salicylic acid that purifies, Garnier’s skin care products for oily will give a matte finish and a healthy glow to the skin.

How do you use Garnier Light Cream?

How to use – Spread evenly on perfectly cleansed face and neck. Avoid delicate eye area. For best skin care results, use with Garnier Light Complete Face Wash and Garnier Light Complete Yoghurt Night cream.