Should you put your skincare in the fridge?

“You do not need to keep skin-care products in the fridge. … To which Caglia counters, “In terms of vitamin C serum efficacy issues, the real culprit has been exposure to air, or oxidization, and not as much temperature.” What’s more, serums and oils can actually solidify in the fridge, rendering them ineffective.

Is it better to keep skincare in fridge?

“There is no real reason to keep skincare products in a fridge. … “You don’t need to go so far as keeping your skincare in the fridge, but storing products at a constant temperature and preventing them becoming very warm will help them to maintain their beneficial ingredients for longer.

Which skin care products should be refrigerated?

7 Skin Care Products You Should Refrigerate

  • Overnight Face Mask. Store your overnight masks, like the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Triple Power Anti-Aging Overnight Mask in your refrigerator to give your skin a cool treat before you go to bed. …
  • Sheet Mask. …
  • Lightweight Moisturizer. …
  • Eye Cream. …
  • Eye Serum. …
  • Face Mist. …
  • Vitamin C Serums.

Is it OK to put toner in the fridge?

Toner. Like facial spray, toner can be more effective when it’s applied cold. The chilled liquid helps reduce puffiness and stimulate your face while reducing redness, and the refrigerator can help your toner last longer too.

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Should moisturizer be refrigerated?

Keeping your creams chilled could even help take away puffiness and boost circulation to the skin, according to Dr. … “If there’s room, it’s good to have a mini refrigerator in the bathroom to keep lotions and creams.” Nail polish. It’s best to store your nail polish at room temperature, rather than in the fridge.

Is cold skincare better?

In general, keeping skin care on ice has the most benefits when you’re looking to constrict blood vessels (cold contracts; heat expands) for a firmer, tighter appearance or when cooler temps will help mitigate pain or discomfort (think applying aloe to a sunburn).

Can we store face serum in fridge?

Refrigerated serum helps in soothing the skin. The cold serum is also proved to be more effective in tightening pores. It awakens the senses and boosts circulation.

Can I put my face moisturizer in the fridge?

“We do not recommend putting oil-rich products in the fridge — making them cold would hinder absorption,” she says. If you want your products to absorb as well as possible, warm water before you apply is actually a better bet.