How many moles of feso4 oxidised separately?

How many moles are in FeSO4?

The answer is 151.9076. We assume you are converting between grams FeSO4 and mole. You can view more details on each measurement unit: molecular weight of FeSO4 or mol This compound is also known as Iron Sulfate or Ferrous Sulfate. The SI base unit for amount of substance is the mole.

How many moles of FeSO4 react with one mole of KMnO4?

of 2M(10N) KMnO4 will contain = 10 x 100/1000= 1 Equivalent. So 1 mole FeSO4 will react with 1 Equivalent of KMNO4. So 100 ml. of 2M KMnO4 will react with 1 mole of FeSO4.

What is the oxidation number of FeSO4?

The oxidation number of FeSO4 is calculated as 0, it is a neutral compound. The first step is to Identify the oxidation number of each element present in the compound. Oxidation number of S is +6. Oxidation number of Fe is +2.

What is the mass of 1 mole of FeSO4?

Hence 1 mole of KMnO4 will oxidise 5 moles of FeSO4 completely .

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How many moles of KMnO4 are needed to oxidise a mixture of 1 mole of each FeSO4 & fec2o4 in acidic medium?

Therefore, 2 moles of permanganate will be needed to oxidize one mole of $Fe{{C}_{2}}{{O}_{4}}$ , $F{{e}_{2}}{{({{C}_{2}}{{O}_{4}})}_{3}}$, $FeS{{O}_{4}}$ and $F{{e}_{2}}{{(S{{O}_{4}})}_{3}}$ in acidic medium.

How many electrons are accepted by Mn in a redox reaction of acidic KMnO4 and FeSO4?

As the oxidizing agent, KMnO4 has to take 5 electrons to become Mn+2, on the country, the reducing agent iron (II) sulfate releases only one electron to get oxidized.

What is the oxidation number of MnSO4?

The oxidation number of Mn in MnSO4 is 2..

What is the oxidation number of fe3o4?

+1 and +3.

How do you find the oxidation number of FeSO4?

The oxidation number of Fe in FeSO4 is +2, O is-2, so S is +6.

What is the percentage of FeSO4?

Ferrous sulfate has the composition 36.8% Fe, 21.1% S and 42.1% O. Find its formula.