Can I put my skincare in the fridge?

“You do not need to keep skin-care products in the fridge. … To which Caglia counters, “In terms of vitamin C serum efficacy issues, the real culprit has been exposure to air, or oxidization, and not as much temperature.” What’s more, serums and oils can actually solidify in the fridge, rendering them ineffective.

What skincare products can you put in the fridge?

Here are the ten best products to store in your skincare fridge to keep them potent and fresh.

  1. Facial serums. Skin serums are designed to deliver skin-loving nutrients in high concentrations. …
  2. Eye creams. …
  3. Moisturizers. …
  4. Sheet masks. …
  5. Facial mists. …
  6. Face toners. …
  7. Facial tools. …
  8. Perfume.

Can you put skincare in a normal fridge?

“There is no real reason to keep skincare products in a fridge. … “You don’t need to go so far as keeping your skincare in the fridge, but storing products at a constant temperature and preventing them becoming very warm will help them to maintain their beneficial ingredients for longer.

What skincare products should not be refrigerated?

Sullivan suggests avoiding putting facial oils, oil-based makeups and moisturizers and clay products in a personal chiller, as cooler temperatures can cause a change in the color or consistency of these items.

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Is it good to refrigerate moisturizer?

Keeping your creams chilled could even help take away puffiness and boost circulation to the skin, according to Dr. Susan Smith Jones, president of L.A. consulting firm Health Unlimited. “If there’s room, it’s good to have a mini refrigerator in the bathroom to keep lotions and creams.”

Is it okay to put toner in refrigerator?

Toner. Like facial spray, toner can be more effective when it’s applied cold. The chilled liquid helps reduce puffiness and stimulate your face while reducing redness, and the refrigerator can help your toner last longer too.

How cold do skincare fridges get?

Skincare fridges vary in terms of their temperature settings. Some get as low as 27 F, while others only go down to about 45 F. Also, many have a warming function in addition to refrigeration, often reaching as high as 150 F.

Is skincare better for a cold?

In general, keeping skin care on ice has the most benefits when you’re looking to constrict blood vessels (cold contracts; heat expands) for a firmer, tighter appearance or when cooler temps will help mitigate pain or discomfort (think applying aloe to a sunburn).

What is a skincare fridge for?

Essentially a skincare fridge is a mini version of your large refrigerator but with temperatures slightly higher than that of a regular fridge for food storage. … However, most of the skincare products such as cleansers, moisturizers, eye creams, antioxidant serums, and masks do not require refrigeration.