Best answer: What does the golden mole eat?

Golden moles eat insects, earthworms, and lizards. Some travel and forage in shallow subsurface tunnels; others excavate burrows as deep as 50 cm (20 inches), with entrances marked by mounds of soil. Soil is loosened with the leathery muzzle, forefeet, and claws and then pushed under the body with the claws and muzzle.

What eats giant golden mole?

The population is decreasing due to habitat loss resulting mainly from human activities affecting its habitat such as firewood collection, bark stripping, cutting for construction, overgrazing of livestock, and clearance of forest. Moreover, the giant golden mole is preyed on by domestic dogs in that area.

Can a golden mole be a pet?

Unfortunately, though adorable in appearance, moles should not be kept as pets. One reason for this is that they do not handle stress well. To put this into perspective, a few hours above ground could easily stress moles to death.

Do golden moles need water?

Most golden mole species do not need to drink. Well-adapted to their dry habitat, the species have efficient kidneys and very low metabolisms.

What animals eat golden moles?

Domestic dogs have been reported preying on giant golden moles. Nocturnal snakes, owls, and mammalian carnivores are potential predators as well.

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Is golden mole endangered?

They inhabit southern Africa, often in much the same areas as the African mole rats, but the two types of animal don’t seem to compete much. That’s probably because, while the mole rats are herbivores, the golden moles are carnivores, feeding off various invertebrates, such as insects, earthworms, and spiders.

Do moles drink water?

Naked mole-rats don’t drink water.

They get all the hydration they need from their plant-based diet! Mole-rats eat the underground parts of plants. They typically only consume part of a root or tuber, leaving enough behind for it to survive and provide another meal.

How long do moles live for?

Lifespan: Most moles don’t live beyond 3 years but can live up to 6 years. Their main predators are tawny owls and buzzards, stoats, cats and dogs, along with some vehicular casualties. Humans also kill many as pests of agriculture.

What do I feed my mole?

Their favorite meal includes earthworms, grubs, snails, spiders, small animals, and other insects. Because moles require a lot of food for energy, they eat more than their one-pound body weight in food each day.

Are Golden moles blind?

golden mole, (order Chrysochloridea), any of 18 species of blind and tailless burrowing insectivores that live in sub-Saharan Africa. … Golden moles have a cylindrical body, short limbs, and no external tail; tail vertebrae are beneath the skin.

Are moles blind?

Moles are often thought to be blind when in fact they can see; they are, though, colorblind and have poor vision only adapted to recognize light. To find food and to navigate the dark underground, moles rely on their keen sense of smell and touch. … Moles are small, burrowing mammals who live underground.

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Is the giant golden mole venomous?

Golden moles are mostly insectivorous, but the larger species eat giant earthworms and lizards (including geckos and burrowing skinks). With their sharply cusped teeth well suited for cutting, they can probably bite hard, but they are not reported to bite when handled, and in fact some species feign death.

Does a golden mole have eyes?

Despite differences in size and colour, all golden mole species have a similar appearance with compact fusiform or lozenge-shaped bodies, short and powerful forelimbs containing pick-like claws, and no external eyes, ears or tail (although internal caudal vertebrae are present).

Why don’t dogs eat moles?

Since moles are a part of the rodent family, there is a chance the animal could carry rabies. If your pet catches a mole and then seems to be acting strangely soon after, take the pet to the vet to check for possible disease.

Will owls eat moles?

Amongst the birds in the sky, the bigger owls and hawks are known to occasionally feed on moles, and they usually do so at night. Both owls and hawks are natural predators of rodents. Although a mole is not a rodent but an insectivore, many rodents do share a mole’s burrow, for instance, rats and mice.